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The Div is back from a successful SXSW

We had a great time at SXSW (South By Southwest) this year. Oklahoma has truly put their money where there mouth is, so to speak, when it comes to promoting technology in our great state.

If you did not know, I was asked to head up the interactive committee for SXSW for The Buffalo Lounge. What is The Buffalo Lounge? It is more than just SXSW they actually do events and promote local music and film year round. However, during the epic film/interactive/music festival in Austin every year it transforms. Members of The Greater OKC Chamber, The Film and Music Office and put months of work into promoting Oklahoma at this festival. Abby Kurin, Julie Porter and Josh O’Brien are the leaders of this endeavor. They spend months planning the execution of The Buffalo Lounge for the one week it exists.

The Div was able to serve as a sponsor for The Buffalo Lounge. The first two hours we heard from technology companies and startups in our state. They were able to pitch us their products. It was absolutely amazing to see all of the innovative, creative talent we have. We heard from CCEW, New Spin 360, ONEsite, MadeByWheat and Quibids. After each of these comapanies showcased what they were working on, the party started! There was a live band ready for rock-aroke!

We were able to use our time networking with other Oklahomans and catching up with old business friends from around the world. The great thing about SXSW is that you are constantly meeting new people, new connections who will be your friend for years to come.

Here is a gallery of pictures from SXSW this year. Enjoy! Let me know if you made it to The Buffalo Lounge and what you thought in the comments section.

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