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Color Me Rad 5K July 14th in Oklahoma City

Last week I was talking to some friends over at iThemes about the Color Me Rad 5K that is happening in Oklahoma City July 14th. We immediately decided that we needed to participate.

We started a team, and after some negotiating (to run the whole time or not?) got a team put together.

I immediately noticed the tone from the organizers from Color Me Rad was fun and energetic. They also choose to give back to local charities where they do their races! Who wouldn’t love that?!?

As I am sure you all know, there is no better charity than Div Jr. 🙂 So, I emailed the wonderful people at Color Me Rad and asked if we could work together. They immediately replied and gave us a Promo Code that can be used for 10% off anyone in Oklahoma City wanting to participate!

If you want to run, walk, jog, skip, whatever in one of the funnest races around and help Div Jr., then this is your chance!

Use Color Me Rad Promo Code THEDIVJR and you will simultaneously receive 10% off your registration and donate to Div Jr. 

You can even join the team we put together. Team name: iRad and captain name: Miller


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