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Our One Year Anniversary & My Feelings of Appreciation

As we are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of The Div opening and our successful launch and focus of Div Jr. I have a lot of people that I want to thank publicly. And this is probably much overdue. I know I can’t mention everyone by name. But trust me when I say, if you have volunteered, sent an encouraging email, attended a class or event, then I appreciate you. I am thankful to everyone who has been through our doors at The Div.

First and foremost to Cory Miller, Scott Day and Jay Chapman. You all believed in our dream of The Div and not only supported with your wisdom but you are the reason why The Div exists. Your financial support really made this happen and truly has made a huge impact on our state.

There are so many people who have volunteered time and expertise to help others in the web tech and entrepreneurial spaces. Thank you all for volunteering with our little start up and taking a chance to help us. Darrell Darnell, Sandip Patel, Howard Haines, Lorraine Grula, Chris Dodds, James Frazier, James Smith, Tim Priebe, Sarah Mason Sears, Jay Martin, Mike Koehler and so so many more. I appreciate you all helping bring attention to The Div and giving so much of your time and knowledge to help others.

The Div could not have survived without everyday volunteers like Lynn Dye. Lynn not only gave me a day a week for months, but she is still available all the time. You may have seen her helping hand out sandwiches at the grand opening, being available during numerous classes to open and close The Div, or staying after to help me clean up. Without Lynn so many of our classes wouldn’t have happened, or they wouldn’t have been so easy on me! Also, I would be remiss not to mention Kris Rush. Kris found The Div when she was starting her own project, but quickly started sending others our way. She supported us financially and through so many encouraging emails. Thank you Kris!

I would also like to show appreciation to my DivTerns: Elise Alley and Janell Carpenter. They brought so much to our program including knowledge that you all needed. It was so wonderful to have you two with me and help answer all of the questions I knew nothing about.

Many other Oklahoma tech evangelists were also imperative to so much of what we do. Luke Crouch in Tulsa and Jesse Harlin you guys are amazing. You were always the first to spread the word about our programs and offer much needed insight. I am so happy that I met you both and am happy to consider you my friends.

I cannot forget one of our biggest champions from the beginning, Christy Sooter. She saw The Div before anyone else. When there was no furniture and I was working on a fold out table and chair. Christy has been a true advocate for all that we have done at The Div and has given some of the best advice. Christy, you have been an invaluable part of what we have accomplished over the last year and I cannot thank you enough for all of your effort.

The iThemes Crew. Everyone at iThemes has been such a great help to what we were doing at The Div, you attended classes, taught some and were always there to help. I appreciate you all so much! A special thanks to Matt Danner who was basically at my door every time I needed anything. He was my tech support and furniture fixer, Matt you are the best. I have to mention Cory Miller again too, not only is he one of our founders and my husband, he was one of my best volunteers. He lead some of the best classes we ever offered at The Div and was always there when I needed him. Thank you so much for you help, encouragement and support Cory.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors. The financial support we have received over the last year leaves me so grateful. So many individuals and local tech companies answered our calls to help financially. Our programs were better because of your support and going forward Div Jr. will exist because of your continued generosity.

The Oklahoma Tech scene is growing so much and without everyone involved in our community we would not have the opportunity we do with Div Jr. It is such an amazing experience to be in one of the camps that we have done and see the lightbulbs going off in all their little minds. They are energetic and enthusiastic about what they are learning in Div Jr. and it is truly an honor to be a part of it. Without our larger community Div Jr. could not exist and for that I thank you all.

Go here to learn more about Div Jr.

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