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May 2013 Tornadoes: How Can We Help?

Like so many others in Oklahoma (and around the world), we watched the live coverage of the tornadoes that ripped through our state this week … and then in disbelief have seen the photos and videos and heard the stories of some of those who lost homes and lives.

Most of us are asking, “What can I do?”

In fact many ARE asking us how they can help, from offering hotel points to money and other things.

These people don’t care about tax-deductible donations … they just want their help to directly impact the people who are hurting and we want to help facilitate that.

If you know someone affected by the recent tornadoes, please let us know below in the comments … specifically their names, their story and how we can help directly.

Also, if you’re already doing something for victims, please let us know how we can contribute to what you’re already doing!


  1. Moore Norman Technology Center has several students impacted. The technology center provides technical training to students aspiring to become active in the OK tech community.

    Here is information from them: We are beginning to collect toiletries for students. We assessed most important and not being provided heavily from other sources. We are beginning to collect items today. We know big things will be provided from multiple sources but we found yesterday just a toothbrush brought a smile to the face of the students.

    I am going down on Friday afternoon with donations. If you would like to donate items you can deliver to Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Rockwell Campus. IT building room A2020.

    You can also deliver directly to Moore Norman Technology Center. Contact

  2. Great idea. For those people who might know Jon Fisher @jonfisher he used to work for us at Price Edwards. While his newborn baby was in the NICU the tornado most likely totaled his house (standing but that’s about it) Some people have setup a fund to help him and his family.

  3. We took out the form and are just asking people to post here publicly so everybody can see.

    Mike Zserdin gave us this information:

    Hale Family in Moore.

    They lost their home just 3 days after their 3rd child was born 3 mos. early. Baby in NICU weighing 2 pounds they now have no home.

    Ryan Walker, a baseball coach at Edmond’s FUEL Athletics is their good friend and has taken them in.

    What do they need? The FUEL community is rallying around their family.

    They need:

    * boys clothes, size L and shoe size 5
    * girls clothes 3T and shoe size 6
    * diapers, wipes, blankets etc.

    Donations can be dropped off at FUEL, 14712 Bristol Park, Edmond, OK. 73013

  4. Caleb Allison
    Spanish Teacher in Moore
    House was heavily damaged. Contents are soaked with debris, mud.
    Wife and new-born baby safe.
    If you have a paypal account you can donate $ directly to his paypal account

  5. It has come to my attention that Oklahoma City does not have many public storm shelters. Although this is true, I know the libraries, hospitals and universities offer a place to go. I would like to see a website dedicated to this effort. A website that communicates and maps out the different places to go to ride out a tornado. If anyone is interested in helping me, or would like to pay for the domain and hosting please let me know. Perhaps, this could be a joint effort?

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