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Scratch Camp- Kids Tell All

I shared a few thoughts on last week’s Scratch Camp over on the iThemes blog, but I wanted to talk about one of the things that touched me most here.


After each camp, we send a survey to parents asking for their feedback. But we also really love to get it straight from our campers.

Kids don’t hold back. If they loved it, they’ll use all the exclamation points they can fit on the page. If they were bored, they’ll skip the sugar coating and tell you that too. And after all, everything’s a little cuter when written in Crayola.

Out of the mouths of babes

Here are a few of the feedback forms we got from campers:





Hard fun promotes passionate learning.

Can you guess the thing about our camper’s feedback forms that really stuck with me?

“I had some struggles. It was hard, but fun!”

To an educator, that’s some of the the best feedback you can get. Because learning doesn’t happen on accident. Even if the end result is something you really want, it takes work and diligence to get there.

Let kids try and fail and then try again, that’s where learning begins!

As adults, we’re quick to preach the “learning is fun” mantra, but perhaps it would better serve the next generation to say, “Learning can be really tough…but fun comes once you grasp the skill, so the hard work is worth it!”

If we teach well, we can guide our kids and students gracefully through the parts that are just plain hard work, knowing that excitement and fun are on the other side.

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