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The Div is joining the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center

We’re excited to announce that The Div is joining the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center family!

When we started The Div over 7 years ago, we had a vision to give back to our state in meaningful ways, specifically through technology, entrepreneurship and education. I had no idea we’d be where we are today, with our strategic partnership with, helping educators from all across the state implement computer science in our local schools.

We’re incredibly proud of our work moving the needle to bring computer science to all students of all backgrounds across the state. We’ve built a thriving community of computer science teachers. We’ve connected classrooms with local tech industry experts. We’ve met with legislators locally and in Washington DC to advocate for computer science access.

And in our first year as Oklahoma’s Regional Partner, we trained 43 middle school and high school computer science teachers in our year-long professional learning program, who’ve impacted 1,834 students in this school year alone! 55% of those in our program teach at high needs schools, where at least half of the students qualify for free and reduced lunches. 50% of the students enrolled in the courses are underrepresented minorities, and 36% of them are females. And in March, we added additional resources to begin supporting elementary school teachers as well.

And as we look towards the future, we believe that joining forces with the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center is the absolute best way to ensure that this program has the structure, support and sustainability to have a long term impact on our state.

As of today, OPSRC will take over as the Regional Partner in Oklahoma. Our Executive Director McKalyn Danner, who initiated and led the partnership will continue to direct the program as a staff member at OPSRC. We’re confident that with their support, she’ll be able to take the vision and impact to a whole new level and that gives us great excitement.

During this process, we’ve gotten to know the team at OPSRC and have been so impressed with their leadership, vision and energy. As an organization, they’re hyper-focused on one thing … improving schools in Oklahoma. It’s a shared value that’s near and dear to us, and I know the program is in great hands.

It’s a great day for tech education in Oklahoma with an even brighter future ahead.

Technology opens doors. Years from now, I can just imagine students starting their tech journey in a class they were able to enroll in because this program exists. Students who will go on to build the next best thing, whether that’s a piece of innovative software or starting a business that changes people’s lives and shapes tomorrow’s world through the use of technology.

I want to thank my co-founders, Scott Day and Jay Chapman, as well as our founding Executive Director, Lindsey Miller, who launched our organization and shaped our focus on technology and kids by developing our initial Div Jr. camp program and McKalyn Danner, who has led the organization for the past two and a half years and expanded our reach to include in-school opportunities.

Together, we’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to give back to our city, our state and our home and will continue to support this effort in any way we can. We’ve always been focused on mission and impact and have never worried about whose name is attached to it. We truly believe that this is the best and right decision for the direction of our efforts.

We’re looking forward to continuing the legacy of our impact by partnering with OPSRC and watching computer science unlock student potential in Oklahoma for years to come.

-Cory Miller,
Board Chairman

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