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Our Story

The Div was founded by a passionate group of visionaries who believe that innovation, training, creativity and community make for a better Oklahoma.

We launched in 2011 and opened a tech community hub shortly after. The space offered continuing education, hosted user groups and encouraged collaboration throughout the technology sector in central Oklahoma.

After talking with leaders in the field who noted that most of the developers on their teams started tinkering with computers years before they ever decided on a career path, we launched the Div Jr. program and began hosting coding camps for kids.

Fueled by the widening gap between technology employment opportunities and the availability of a local workforce to fill them, The Div refined its mission in late 2015 to focus solely on increasing exposure and opportunities for the next generation, especially in families and communities that lack the resources to get ahead. A scholarship fund was built and the next iteration of The Div was born.

In addition to our long-running kid’s camps, The Div formed a partnership with in 2016 to provide a pathway for Oklahoma schools to offer K-12 computer science. The first cohort of teachers will begin training in summer 2017 and implement the courses during the 2017-18 school year.

Core Values:

  • We believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn 21st century skills like computer science.
  • In life we learn and grow, then teach and share.
  • We believe in collaboration and community over competition and agendas.
  • We’re a cheerleader and connector for technology people, projects and businesses in Oklahoma.
  • We want to develop and train a strong, skilled and dynamic workforce for the technology industry in Oklahoma by focusing on the next generation of leaders.

We hope to start a grassroots movement that builds our state and see where it all goes. Join us!