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The Div at SXSW

The Div has been heading up the interactive committee for Oklahoma’s effort in SXSW this year. It has been such an awesome experience getting to see the tech community in Oklahoma come together to promote our great state.

If you are going to be in SXSW I would love to meet you! Please come to the Buffalo Lounge, Monday March 12th and introduce yourself. You can get a badge by sending in your RSVP.

Here is a line-up of events.

From 8:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m. come and meet and hear from Oklahoma tech companies. There will be demonstrations and plenty of time for networking.

  • 8:15 ONEsite/Build a Website
  • 8:30 Emma (CCEW)
  • 8:45 Made by Wheat
  • 9:00 Read Together (CCEW)
  • 9:15 NewSpin 360
  • 9:30 Quibids
  • 9:45 PhotoMob (CCEW)
  • 9:55 Dell

10:00 p.m. – 2 a.m. Rockaraoke!! Who hasn’t wanted to be on the stage at SXSW?!? Well, now is your chance. The Buffalo Lounge will have a live band who will play all of our favorite songs while we rock the night away! Sign ups begin at 8p.m. so come early.

The Buffalo Lounge is a unique experience and I promise it will be one of the best interactive parties at SXSW this year.

iPad Coffee Chats

FREE the FIRST TUESDAY of each month at 6:30pm! In iPad App Coffee Chats, author and digital learning consultant Wesley Fryer shares iPad applications useful for business productivity, eReading, multimedia sharing, and other purposes. Visit for more information and to register FREE.

Learn about iPad applications useful for business productivity, eReading, multimedia sharing, and other purposes from author and digital learning consultant Wesley Fryer.

Social Media Trends for 2012, Feb. 22nd

This class is for Smirk New Media clients and invited guests: Looking at the top social media trends for 2012.

Everything you wanted to know about the big social media trends for 2012, including what the heck businesses should do about Pinterest. Cost is $20 for non-Smirk New Media clients, which includes lunch

Smirk New Media CEO and Chief Strategist Mike Koehler has been leading businesses to social media success since launching his firm in 2010. He was previously the multimedia editor at, the state’s largest website and new media director at STF PR, the state’s largest PR firm.


Impact: The Div By The Numbers

Since our grand opening August 25th we have accomplished a lot with our community project. I want to take a few minutes of your time and share some of our successes.

  • 77 classes (not including C&C Days)
  • 20 Community Collaboration Days (Plus Show & Tell Day)
  • 581+ attendees in person
  • 468 followers on Twitter
  • 219 likes on Facebook
  • 26 instructors who donate their time and expertise

Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

  • Honored with Creative Oklahoma’s Great Inspiration Award.
  • Partnered with TechJOYnt to provide classes for a younger generation.
  • Went on campus at UCO & talked about The Div and what classes are offered to marketing students.
  • Intern program brought much more attention to what we were trying to accomplish. Had 2 students spend 12 weeks at The Div, learning and helping the community.
  • Sponsored Creative Cram at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.
  • Asked to head up interactive committee for Oklahoma Buffalo Lounge at SXSW.
  • Held Pre-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. 27 in-person & online attendees.
  • Hosted Adobe, Ruby on Rails, WordPress and SEMPO users groups.
  • Held “Show and Tell” at The Div to help promote community.

The Div is continuing to grow and adjust to fit our community needs. You will even start seeing us ask for donations to help keep The Div alive.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and supported The Div as we have been growing and to those of you who are using our servies. Without all of you The  Div would not exist. I hope you all look at these accomplishments and feel a sense of success.

Info on SOPA/Protect IP

I know everyone on the internet is talking about Protect IP and SOPA right now. I am not going to tell any of you how to feel about these measures, but I do want to give you some information so you can make your own decision.

First, what is SOPA?

SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act, written with the intent of more vigorously protecting copyright around the web. The entertainment industry wants to come down harder on file sharing and the theft of copyrighted material, so it lobbied for a law to add to the many anti-piracy laws that are already on the books. (from

Protect IP is a different version of SOPA that would essentially accomplish the same things. That is why so many people put the two together.

Here is a video explanation. If you have 4 minutes, watch this.

This is a summary of the bill language. If you like to see things in their original form you can visit this site. It has Senator Leahy’s original language.

If after reading and educating yourself on Protect IP and SOPA and you wish to let your voice be heard by your representative, there are several sites willing to help you:

There are many actionable options here:

Contact your Congressperson:

Contact your Senator:

Search Engine Marketing Expert to Speak on Impact of Search and Social


Search Engine Marketing Expert to Speak on Impact of Search and Social

OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 10, 2012 – With the increasing numbers of people online searching for services and products, traditional marketing techniques fall short when it comes to capturing the online audience. It seems obvious that online marketing is the way to go, but so many questions arise: What search terms are people using to look for services? Is there a way to make  my  company’s  website  show up first in search results? How do I make sure all those online business directories have the correct information?

The burgeoning field of search engine optimization answers these questions and more. Commonly known as SEO, this is the process of editing a websites content and building inbound links in order to improve visibility within search engines. Some SEO firms also offer social media marketing and online business directory optimization, and demand for these services continues to rise.

According to Google, worldwide searches that include the term  “SEO”  have  more  than   doubled in volume between Jan 2005 and Dec 2011.

Google reports that similar searches originating in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area have more than tripled in that same time period.

In an effort to boost local industry awareness and promote collaboration and idea- sharing, several Oklahoma City-area volunteers and organizations have partnered to host a networking event geared towards online marketers featuring keynote speaker Rob Garner, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization vice president of North America.

Garner, also the vice president of strategy for iCrossing,  will  speak  on  the  topic  of  “The State of Search, Social & their Impact on Web Businesses.” this  is  the  process  of  editing  a  web  site’s  content  and  building inbound links in order to improve visibility within search engines. Some SEO firms also offer social media marketing and online business directory optimization, and demand for these services continues to rise.

In his role at iCrossing, Garner works with Fortune 500 brands to develop search engine marketing strategies that drive visibility, engagement, and results. By finding synergies between natural and paid search, designing websites for visibility from the ground up and incorporating search and social media strategies, Garner has helped some clients achieve as much as $1 billion in revenue from natural search alone.

An active advocate for the industry, Garner is a regular contributor for Media Post and has been quoted in several major media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney and The Dallas Morning News. Garner is also a regular speaker at search engine marketing industry events, and has spoken at Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, WebmasterWorld’s PubCon, Search Insider Summit, Domain Roundtable and the Association of National Advertisers, among others.

Local volunteer and President of Digimeda LP Jay Chapman said the first priority of the event is to gather people from the area who not only practice SEO, SEM and social media marketing, but also those who see the value in such practices and are interested in sharing information.

“Most everybody in everyday life understands the importance of search engines, like Google, and social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+,”  said  Chapman. “But for businesses and organizations, harnessing the incredible growth opportunity these engines and platforms provide is critical. It’s not every day that we have an internationally recognized expert like Rob Garner to talk about search and social media’s impact.”

Chapman, also a SEMPO member, said that the involvement of sponsors like the Div, the host venue for the event, SEO Sales Pro, an Oklahoma City online marketing company, and SEMPO has made it possible to offer this event free of charge. He also said there will be refreshments prior to Garner’s presentation, which  will be followed by a Q&A session and fellowship and networking to close the event.

Lindsey Miller, director of the Div, said she is excited that the Div is able to host such an event.

“We are thrilled Rob will be presenting,”  Miller  said.  “His knowledge and insight will prove extremely valuable to those already working in web development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social marketing and to anyone interested in discovering the importance of these disciplines. It will be a very unique and useful evening.”

The event is slated for Feb. 9 at 6 PM at the Div in Edmond, located at 1712 S Kelly. Those interested in more information can contact Lindsey Miller at or call (405) 345-1348.

Media Contact:

Lindsey Miller
(405) 345-1348


VentureSpur Head Sponsor for Pre-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

I am so happy to announce that VentureSpur has come on board to be the headlining sponsor of our Pre-Entrepreneurship Bootcamp December 17th.

Here is a little bit about VentureSpur so you can see how tremendous of an opportunity this truly is:

VentureSpur is a venture accelerator and seed capital fund dedicated to identifying and developing the best early-stage, high-growth ventures in Oklahoma.

Through a 12-week program of acceleration, VentureSpur provides selected participants with seed capital, office space, a team of dedicated, entrepreneurial mentors, education and development opportunities, and a wide range of free and discounted technical and business services. The program culminates on Demo Day, during which participants will have an opportunity to present their venture to angel investors, venture capitalists and others.

With a special focus on high-quality entrepreneurial mentors, VentureSpur offers participants a unique opportunity in the state and region to fund, develop and launch their business with the support and expertise of mentors who have been through the launch of their own companies and been successful.

Dan Trang, manager of VentureSpur, will be in attendance and will talk about VentureSpur and be able to answer all questions during our lunch break.

For more information you can visit:

OU Ranked Number 1 in Entrepreneurship Education

It was recently announced that The University of Oklahoma is number 1 in entrepreneurship education by the Princeton Review.

First, I think this is amazing for Oklahoma. We talk a lot at The Div about how Oklahoma is a great place to be an entrepreneur. Not only do we have a low cost of living which is important for those of us bootstrapping our own ideas, but Oklahoma is also a wonderful place to raise a family and have fun!

Second, this announcement is coming out just as we announced our plans for our pre-entrepreneurship bootcamp that will be held December 17th.

I am a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, so I can attest to the standard they place on their academics. Professors really care about what they are teaching and are constantly working on their own research to further their knowledge. We have recently encountered many in the Center for Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) and they are doing tremendous things for budding entrepreneurs and those who wish to be a part of a startup.

Of course, it goes without saying, The Div is among those out there trying to help entrepreneurs in their journey. We have classes that support and a library of resources waiting to be used by anyone that walks through our doors.

Bottom line, if you are looking to start a business, Oklahoma is a place to make that happen!

Small Biz Survival Profiles The Div

Becky McCray of, among other projects, came by our offices not too long ago. We had a wonderful conversation and it has been great getting to know her and all of her work. This week she did a profile on The Div. I really hope you take the time to visit her site and let me know what you think in the comments section.


“Many small towns and small cities have a terrible shortage of skilled workforce, especially in today’s high-tech skills. The reasons why are complex: some places lack local training, some have high out-migration rates, some places just have no history of high tech work.”

Continue reading here.

WordPress Users Group Last Monday of Each Month

The Div will be hosting the WordPress Users Group meetings every month. Contrary to what our weekly email said today, the WordPress meeting for October is next Monday October 31st from 7p.m.-8:30p.m.

Each meeting features guest speakers talking about WordPress and homemade cookies 🙂

There are no meetings for November and December due to the holidays.

For more information please contact Lynn Dye: