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The Issue

The STEM problem is in computer science.

  • 2/3 of new STEM jobs are in computer science, yet fewer than 8% of college students graduate with a degree in computer science, and only 8% of all STEM graduates are in computer science.
  • 93% of parents want their children to learn computer science, but only 40% of schools teach programming.
  • Computing jobs are the number 1 source of all new wages in the US.
  • Computer science touches all fields: 67% of computing jobs are outside the tech sector.
  • A computer science major can earn 40% more than the college average.
    • $0.58 million – lifetime earnings of a HS graduate

    • $1.19 million – lifetime earnings of a college graduate

    • $1.67 million – lifetime earnings of a CS major

A look at K-12 computer science in Oklahoma.

  • Oklahoma currently has 2,590 open computing jobs (3.4 times the average demand rate in Oklahoma).
  • The average salary for a computing occupation in OK is $72,036, which is significantly hirer than the average salary in the state ($42,760). The existing open jobs alone represent a $186,573,240 opportunity in terms of annual salaries.
  • Oklahoma had only 446 computer science graduates in 2015, only 15% were female.
  • Only 187 high school students in Oklahoma took the AP Computer Science exam in 2016; only 25% were female; only 23 students were Hispanic or Latino; only 16 students were black; only 1 student was Native American.
  • Only 23 schools in Oklahoma (7% of OK schools with AP programs) offered the AP computer science course in 2015-2016. There are fewer AP exams taken in computer science than in any other STEM subject area.

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